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Technical information V6


Firing Order: 1-6-3-5-2-4

Brakes: discs front + rear, Girling 273 mm

Rear Track: 1,43m

Type: 6 cylinder Vee

Spark plugs: Champion BN9Y

Total brake surface: 2828 cm2

Turning circle: 10,60m

Material: Aluminum cylinder head, block in diecast aluminum

Electrics: Battery 45 Ah, alternator 750W

Dual circuit brakes


1270 kg cabriolet 1300kg coupe

Bore and stroke: 88 x 73


Servo assisted:

Boot: 232dm3 cab. 239 dm3 coupe.

Capacity: 2664 cm3

Drive: rear wheel


Tank capacity: 84dm3

Compression rate: 8,65 : 1

Clutch: diaphragm LUK T235

Wheels: 5 1/2 J 14

Carrying capacity: 6dm3

Max bhp: 150 (SAE) @ 5750 rev/min, 136 DIN

gearbox: Manual

Tyres: 175HR14 (175x355) Michelin XAS

Cooling system: 10 dm3

Specific bhp: 56,3 SAE pk/per litre, 51 (DIN)

no. gears: 4



Max torque: 22,5 mkg @ 3500 rev/min

Final drive: 10 x 37

Length: 4,36 m


Cooling system: centrifugal water pump with expansion bottle

Theoretical speed in 4th gear at 1000 rpm: 31,29 km/h

Width: 1,70m


Oil filter: cartridge


Height: 1,36m (cabriolet) 1,347 coupe


Carburetor: Solex 35 CEEL

Steel body shell

Wheel base: 2,55m


Ignition: Schlumberger Altronic M80

Front suspension: MacPherson, independent coil springs

Front track: 1,49m


4 cylinder injection

6 cylinder/carb.

6 cylinder/inj.

Engine code




Kugelfischer Injection

Single carburetor/Twin choke carburetor

Bosch K Jetronic Injection

Cylinder capacity

1971 CC

2664 cc


106 pk @5200 rev/m

136 pk@5750 rev/m

144 pk@5500 rev/m


17,2 mkg@3000 rev/m

16,2 mkg @3000 rev/m

22,1 mkg@3000 rev/m


Dynamo 4 cilinder V6 Carbarator Detail V6 Carbarator


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Body Coupe
Body Cabriolet
Measures Coupe
Measures Cabriolet
Electrisch schema 504 1969
504 1970

Sound and vision, how does it sound a V6 or 4 cilinder

The 4 cilinder  De V6 Dahboard 1982
2.0l 1
2.0 l 2
Carbarator 1
Carbarator 2
Carbarator 3
Injection 1